Gimme Attention (Feat. Sonny "Greasepot" Allen)

from by Cherry Dax

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Fuck you Aaron Atencio. You god damn, latin american, douche rocket.
This is for you hatin ass bitches tryna fight us's muscles.


rat boy skinny bones in L.A.
new education, but no one will pay
long swim to his girl back home
she went and left him alone
two months alone but never a call
dora sits at home in an Armani shawl
once he's crying this coming may
he can join us here and we'll say

gimme some attention
gimme some attention baby
some attention

whore out your mother, your dad if you could
he's at the bars more than anyone should
is he why, is your sad life a lie?
act like your happy and that everything's fine
it's not my business but you made it so
validation isn't valid when it's from a video
continue though, i'm sure you feel great
buy stay off of savannah and stay out of my state

that's right
thaaaat's right
ooohhhh yeahh
here we go


from Pants On The Beach, released June 20, 2017
Instruments: Cherry Dax
Vocals: Sonny "Greasepot" Allen



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